Sensor Auto-cut Hand Towel Dispenser

For enhanced hygienic touchless user experience, the Sensor Auto-cut Dispenser is a perfect solution for consistent high quality dispensing and is ideal for high traffic facilities with less frequent refills and maintenance needs. The dispenser is engineered for better efficiency and performance through its adjustable sheet length controls.

Mechanical Auto-cut Hand Towel Dispenser

Suitable for public facilities with high traffic and low maintenance frequency, the Mechanical Auto-cut Dispenser offers consistent quality in an attractive design without the sensor activated dispensing while providing the maximum efficiency and performance through its adjustable sheet length control.

Interfold & C-fold Hand Towel Dispenser

Produced with practicality and durability in mind, the Interfold Hand Towel Dispensers are specially designed for ease of use and one-at-a-time dispensing to reduce tearing and waste. They are suitable for multi-purpose needs and can accommodate low to high traffic washrooms and kitchen areas.

Center-feed Hand Towel Dispenser

For an economic and effective drying solution, the Center-feed Dispenser accommodates perforated paper hand towels and is available in two sizes for optimal hygienic use in fast movement areas including washrooms and kitchens in hospitality, healthcare and education sectors.

Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser

Ideal for medium to high traffic washrooms, the Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser provides an efficient solution for accommodating maximum number of users while requiring lower maintenance intervals. The dispenser is designed to ensure practical and ease of use in public areas, office buildings, educational institutions and industrial facilities.

Interfold Toilet Dispenser

The Interfold Toilet Dispenser is the perfect choice for providing an enriched user experience and improved efficiency in dispensing. The dispenser elegantly fits in any washroom with its slick design and is intended for added convenience and less waste.

Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

Toilet Seat Cover Dispensers provide the perfect tool for dispensing one cover at a time while discretely fitting inside any toilet room. The dispensers ensure that users can conveniently maintain hygiene environments where it is most needed.

Interfold Napkin Dispenser

Suitable for fast food restaurants and cafes, the Interfold Napkin Dispenser is made for bigger size napkins with one-at-a-time single sheet dispensing. The dispensers allow for fully opened napkin sheets offering extra convenience while nicely adding a hygienic stylish display on tables and counter tops.

Napkin Dispenser

When it comes to the hospitality sector, this Napkin Dispenser is the ultimate option for maximizing table space with optimum hygiene napkin use. It is produced in a compact size and is intended for quick and easy napkin dispensing at restaurants, cafes and cafeterias.

Hand Soap and Sanitizing Gel Dispensers

As the basic necessities for any washroom or work place, the Hand Soap and Sanitizing Gel Dispensers provide the right tools for maintaining a hygiene environment through easy pump dispensing that makes every use a practical pleasure.

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