About Fine Solutions

Fine Solutions is the Away-from-Home (AFH) division of Fine Hygienic Paper, the "Fine Hygienic Holding" group FHH responsible for the Middle East's top selling facial tissue brand, Fine. Building on Fine's legacy since 1958, the Fine Solution division was created in 2007 as a specialized unit to advance and focus on the AFH category, leveraging solid industry knowledge and intuitive customer service. Today, Fine Solutions is a preferred supplier of AFH products in the MENA region, surpassing global competitors. 

Adopting the latest technologies and a customer-centric approach to product development, Fine Solutions supplies the region's most comprehensive portfolio of premium quality hygiene products that guarantee exceptional performance and optimal cost of use. As a result, Fine Solutions is uniquely capable of accommodating all types of private and public institutions across the corporate, hospitality, healthcare, industrial, service and academic sectors. 

Headquartered in Jordan, Fine Solutions caters to markets spanning the MENA region, with presence in the UAE, KSA, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco and Qatar. 


Our Pillars

  • Optimized Cost of Use
  • Complete Solutions
  • Long Term Partnerships 

To guarantee great value across its portfolio, customer savings are achieved through superior product performance, where each product is engineered for greater efficiency and hygiene impact so that more is achieved with every individual use, enabling customers to reduce consumption and waste and consequently achieve better cost of use.


Fine Solutions’ primary goal is focused on delivering complete, hygienic, disposable and efficient solutions for every type of customer across every industry and sector. By cultivating the most holistic product range on the market, Fine Solutions serves as a comprehensive supplier of facial, washroom, tabletop, wiping and healthcare hygiene products and dispensers.


Through its dedicated attention and personalized service, Fine Solutions continuously aims to build long term partnerships with its customers to ensure that their business needs are met professionally and efficiently. Fine Solutions’ confidence in its products and services fuels its commitment to making sure that every customer’s business is a success story.


SteriPro Process & Virgin Pulp

Fine Solutions is the first and only manufacturer in the MENA region to use SteriPro, a unique sterilization process created and patented by Fine Hygienic Paper Company. SteriPro uses UV radiation exposure to eliminate bacteria and harmful microorganisms from tissues before packing, giving them unmatched hygiene properties and rendering them suitable for use in even the most critical situations. As an added measure, Fine Solutions only uses 100% virgin pulp to produce its paper products, creating safe and pollutant-free tissues that are gentle on the skin.



A unique feature that Fine Solutions applies in its manufacturing of all toilet paper products for ensuring added wet strength that keeps the paper intact while in-use, but allows it to disintegrate once the paper is flushed for maintaining maximum hygiene environments.



As part of its good governance, Fine Solutions adopts eco-friendly and energy/water efficient production practices. The Company is part of the UN Global Compact which requires that it disclose its sustainability performance annually to the public, and sources 60% of its raw materials from "Fine Hygienic Holding" group's  mills in Egypt and Jordan, which are ISO 14000 and ISO 50001 certified and adhere to the most globally prevalent environmental and energy management systems. Nuqul Tissue paper mills also constantly seek newer and better ways to increase production efficiency, save on energy, recycle used materials, and reduce resulting waste.


Sustainable Forestry

In line with sustainable forestry standards, 100% of Fine Solutions' virgin pulp and raw materials come from well-managed and sustainable woodlands and tree plantations created for the industry's exclusive use. To keep these woodlands thriving, active re-forestation programs are implemented, meaning that for every tree that is used, three to seven more are planted. Furthermore, every one of  "Fine Hygienic Holding" Tissue's paper mills is certified as sustainable by internationally-recognized third parties, including the Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC™), the world's leading non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible management of forests.


Waste Management

Active waste reduction and recycling policies are currently in place at each of Fine "Hygienic Holding"  Tissue's mills in Jordan and Egypt, and strict quality control is employed at every stage of Fine Solution's product manufacturing process. Effluent water is recycled and treated so that it can be used by the agriculture sector in Jordan and the industrial sector in Egypt. The majority of the other waste is sold off to industries that can recycle it or put it to good use. Equally important, Nuqul Tissue paper mills' load on landfills is limited as its tissues and packaging material are biodegradable, recyclable and organic.


Green Energy

Fine Solutions' "Fine Hygienic Holding" Tissue paper mills in Egypt generate their own electricity using natural gas turbines that emit clean exhausts. Instead of releasing the resulting hot air into the atmosphere, the mills use it to dry paper, foregoing the need to burn other fuels in the process and achieving amongst the highest international rates of energy utilization.

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