Medical Examination Roll

Thick and absorbent, Fine Solution's disposable medical paper rolls keep examination, treatment and patient bed surfaces clean to ensure the highest levels of sanitation in sensitive environments such as hospitals, clinics, nurseries, elderly homes and beauty centers where hygiene is essential. The product's effectiveness and great cost of use make it an economical solution for establishments that demand uncompromising performance within reasonable budgets.


Medical Pads

Medical Pads are an economical hygiene solution for bed-wetting and incontinence problems in, elderly homes, hospitals and clinics, keeping beds dry, fresh and sanitary. The disposable and super absorbent under-pads offer maximum spill control to eliminate cleaning challenges; prevent patient skin irritation by wicking moisture away from the body; and limit odors.

Bed Covers

Fitted for single-sized mattresses, Fine Solution's disposable bed covers protect against the spread of diseases and infections at medical facilities by keeping beds fresh and clean, and creating a barrier against fluids. In addition to increasing hygiene and comfort for patients, the bed covers are convenient for healthcare professionals as they are easy to change and are available with and without elastic.

Medical Wipes

Produced from specially treated non-linting fabrics, these disposable non-woven swabs enjoy high absorbency qualities for wiping and drying, and leave no fibers on the patient's skin when used, making them perfect for medical applications. Their superior hygienic and performance properties render them suitable for facilities such as hospitals, clinics and nurseries.

Medical Gowns

Whether used as medical gowns at healthcare institutions or for hygiene control at food processing facilities, these disposable robes are a must for establishments that seek quality protective clothing at a reasonable cost. The gowns’ generous cut ensures extreme comfort and allows for easier physical movement and better performance.

Face Masks

From surgeries to food preparation, disposable face masks have long served as a first line of defense against the spread of viruses and diseases in hygiene-critical environments such as healthcare facilities, nurseries, beauty centers and kitchens. Fine Solution's one-size-fits-all masks are comfortable to wear and offer maximum protection for safe interactions.

Hair Nets

Prevent food, medical and product contamination caused by hair fall with Fine Solution's disposable and high quality nets. The elasticated diameter makes the cap a comfortable fit for all head sizes while stopping hair from slipping through. This cost-effective product is suitable for medical facilities, beauty centers, food and beverage service providers, and food processing factories.

Dental Bibs

A standard accessory in every dental clinic, dental bibs are an important hygiene control tool that not only serves as an initial barrier against contamination, but that also protects patient clothing from fluids and spills during dental procedures. Fine Solution's disposable bibs are easy to use, practical and economical

Shoe Covers

Provide medical and food processing staff with protective disposable shoe coverings that minimize contamination and help maintain workplace hygiene standards. For practicality and user safety, all of Fine Solutions' shoe covers are skid resistant, enabling staff to maintain stable footing when walking over tiled floors.

Vinyl Gloves

Fine Solutions’ multi-purpose disposable vinyl gloves are ideal for maintaining a hygiene workplace and preventing cross contamination while providing the comfort and strength suitable for all types of industries.  The gloves come in 4 colors and sizes with easy dispenser boxes for convenience and are available pre-powdered to aid application, absorb perspiration and increase user comfort or powder free for those with related allergies.


Liquid Hand Sanitizer

One of the most reliable and economical germ-control tools in any hygiene-conscious establishment's arsenal is the liquid hand sanitizer. Powerful enough to kill 99% of microbes, Fine Solution's mild-scented sanitizer does not require the use of water and comes in attractive dispensers, making it a quick and efficient hygiene solution for all types of private and public institutions.

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