Standard Table Napkins

A classy addition to any dining table, Fine Solutions’ soft, thick and easily-foldable napkins go well in every setting, whether at five-star hotels and restaurants or busy cafés and cafeterias. Available in different sizes and plies, the napkins can be customized with your own brand label for further personalization.

Colored Table Napkins

Fine Solutions’ Colored Napkins come in a variety of unique colors and convenient sizes to liven your table setting. The quality of the material, broad range of color options, and softness of the napkins make them a favorite in food-serving establishments, whether at cafés, restaurants, cafeterias or other venues.

Airlaid Napkins

A natural substitute for cloth napkins, Fine Solutions’ Airlaid Napkins are exceptionally thick, highly absorbent and very pleasing to the touch, making them perfect for high-end establishments like hotels and restaurants. Made from a cellulose fiber and natural latex blend using an air-based production process, the napkins’ material does not lint, is hygienic, and comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs.

Dispenser Napkins 

These economical, one-ply, folded and easy-to-refill napkins not only take little table space at busy venues like fast food and self-service restaurants, but they also deliver reliable performance and one-at-a-time dispensing for optimal hygiene and efficiency. To complement your branding, you can customize the napkins with your private label. 

Interfold Napkin

Interfold Napkins provide a cost-effective and practical tabletop hygiene solution for fast food and self-service restaurants. In addition to having good absorbency qualities, the two-ply napkin is easy to refill and helps you to control consumption and limit waste through single napkin dispensing.


Protect your table surfaces from beverage ring marks with Fine Solutions’ practical and hygienic paper coasters. Functional and elegant, these coasters come in different sizes with customizable decorative patterns and branding, which make them ideal for hotels, companies, restaurants, cafés, and any beverage-serving establishment.

Table Runners 

Dress your table with Fine Solutions' hygienic and disposable table runners, which are available in airlaid cloth-like material as well as paper qualities. Reasonably priced and offering good protection for table surfaces from spills and scuffing, the runners come in different colors and designs that make them suitable for restaurants, cafes, social and mass events.

Table Covers

Disposable paper covers are a quick and effective method for keeping tabletops clean and hygienic, particularly at food-serving establishments such as restaurants, cafes and cafeterias. Manufactured using food grade ink, Fine Solutions’ covers are both hygienic and safe. They also offer you the option of complementing your décor with an array of attractive colors and designs, or commissioning tailored table covers that fit your unique taste.

Cutlery Holder

The disposable Cutlery Holder set is convenient for casual dining settings where hygiene and appearance are essential. Available in numerous designs and customizable branding options, the holders come with a napkin inside and are printed with edible coloring that make them safe for children's use. The set is ideal for restaurants, play areas and outdoor events.

Table Mats

Great for restaurants, hospitals, universities and school cafeterias, Fine Solution's disposable table mats offer optimal hygiene and decorative versatility. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors and patterns, the mats can also feature made-to-order illustrations and branding. For added safety and practicality, all printing is done using food grade ink to ensure the product can be safely used by all ages.

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