AutoCut Hand Towel Roll 

Designed for busy washrooms with heavy visitor traffic and longer maintenance intervals, AutoCut Hand Towels are sterilized using the SteriPro process and offer a cost-efficient solution for establishments like universities, malls, airports and large offices. As a mark of its quality, the roll's material is strong and highly absorbent, making it ideal for drying hands, objects and surfaces with efficiency and maximum hygiene. The roll comes in various sizes and is suitable for both sensor and manual auto-cut dispensers.


Centerfeed Hand Towel Roll 

The practical Centerfeed Roll is a multi-purpose drying, wiping and cleaning solution for fast-paced, high-traffic budget-sensitive and hygiene-conscious areas such as schools, workplaces, kitchens and public washrooms, where cost efficiency, speed of use and quick dispensing are crucial. The Centerfeed Roll's paper towels maintain good form and function when damp, making them suitable for a variety of applications.


Interfold Hand Towel 

When hygiene, comfort and convenience are part of your value offering, only Fine Solution's premium quality yet cost-efficient Interfold Hand Towels provide the optimal solution. Super soft and gentle on the skin, these hand towels minimize cross-contamination with one-towel-at-a-time pulls that fully unfold when dispensed. The sheets are strong and embossed for better ply bonding and friction, which in turn improves water absorption.


C-Fold Sheets 

C-Fold Sheets are intended for establishments such as schools, workplaces and public washrooms which seek a convenient and multi-purpose hygienic paper product that delivers quality performance in any room or setting. These economic, large-sized paper towels are soft, absorbent and provide reliable, one-at-a-time pulls.


Conventional Toilet Roll 

With its embossed sheets and soft texture, Fine Solutions' toilet paper rolls guarantee high levels of absorbency and optimal comfort for all types of users in different industries and sectors. Apart from being ideal for all plumbing systems as it disintegrates when flushed, the product's premium quality makes it the perfect addition to any establishment.

Jumbo Toilet Paper Roll

Jumbo Toilet Paper Rolls deliver an economical solution for high-traffic restrooms with long service intervals, such as those in public buildings, shopping centers and airports. The jumbo-sized rolls deliver soft, absorbent and long-lasting tissues that disintegrate when flushed, ensuring the best value offering while meeting your budget and consumption needs.


Interfold Toilet Paper Sheets 

Interfolded sheets are all about hygienic use, ease of dispensing, cost saving and waste reduction. An upgrade on the conventional toilet roll, this product provides extra soft sheets that are neatly folded and designed for efficient and convenient one-at-a-time pulls.


Liquid Hand Cleaner

This mild-scented hand wash is an essential fixture in any washroom where hygiene and user health are paramount. Its special formula cleans and protects the skin while leaving it soft and fresh.


Foam Hand Cleaner

Due to its rich moisturizing properties, this cost-efficient Foam Hand Cleaner is gentle on the skin and easy to rinse off, which makes it the perfect hand wash to save on water consumption. The product is especially suitable for refined establishments where user experience is key.


Air Freshener   

Freshen up your offices, washrooms and facilities with Fine Solutions' economical and automated Air Freshener. Simply program the spray to the needed intensity and release intervals and the easy-to-refill spray will automatically give off a fine mist that covers a wide area with long-lasting effects. With different fragrances to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a scent that best suits your preferences.

Toilet Seat Covers

Curb the spread of germs between users in high-traffic restrooms by maintaining clean and hygienic toilets with Fine Solutions' single-use seat covers, which prevent physical contact between the user's body and the toilet seat. Ideal for institutions and public facilities where disease prevention and user safety are a priority, such as restaurants, schools, shopping centers and airports, these practical, easy-to-use covers are suitable for seats of all shapes and sizes, and disintegrate when flushed without causing any clogging.



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