Diamond Wipes

When looking for light-weight, general purpose disposable wipes, opt for Fine Solutions’ Diamond Wipes. Made from a highly absorbent fiber blend, the sterilized wipes are independently food taint tested and support a colored diamond print so that they can be used in settings where color coding is necessary. The product is available in two fold options: The Diamond Quarter Fold, best suited for cleaning food preparation, medical and office areas, and the perforated Diamond Roll for quick and effective wiping and drying in kitchens.

TEK Wipes 

Produced from a resilient blend of pulp and polyester, TEK Wipes are a medium-weight, disposable and highly absorbent product that secures best results when used for moderate to heavy-duty cleaning. With fibers bound by hydro-entanglement technologies, the wipes are solvent-resistant and do not break down when used. Supplied in light, portable carton dispensers, the sterilized wipes come in two forms: Multipurpose white wipes, and low-linting blue wipes that have been independently tested against tainting to make them suitable for food handling.


Gym Wipes

Fine Solutions’ disposable, sterilized and easy-to-pull wet wipes help gyms safeguard their members’ health and wellbeing. By wiping down exercise equipment after each use, fitness centers can quickly and successfully disinfect surfaces to prevent cross contamination and the spread of diseases. The wipes’ formula is effective against a broad variety of harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi including H1N1, Salmonella and E.coli, to name a few. Fine Solutions’ Gym Wipes are compliant with the European EN1276 Bactericidal Efficacy and EN1650 Fungicidal Activity standards.

Dry Wipes

Perfect for drying needs with low linting, Fine Solutions' Dry Wipes are specially designed for hygienic dry wiping of hard surfaces within food manufacturing and service environments. The fiber composition of the wipes allows them to be highly absorbent whilst maintaining multi-directional strength which permits for absorbing five times the weight in liquid.

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